About Our Shop

J&T Bearing Company was started by Tyler Brown in 2015. After a racing career spanning from 1997-2009 in anything from a go-kart to a USAC Sprint Car, Tyler began racing RC cars in 2010. After learning the sport of RC racing Tyler wanted to be more involved in the industry. Bringing a vast knowledge of mechanical and racing background J&T Bearing Company was born.

We are truly a Mom and Pop shop. The company is ran by, myself (Tyler Brown), and my wife Jenny. We want to bring the racers a higher quality bearing then our competitors at or below the same price range. We also want to be at the track on a regular basis with trackside support and product. Giving back to the racers with sponsorships and race giveaways will always be a focus no matter the size of the company. Like always we will be available to talk anytime, whether on our Facebook or Instagram page, E-mail, or just call us, we want to hear from you!